How to Keep High Efficiency Level of Your Agricultural Machinery

Purchasing a heavy construction or agricultural machinery such as tractor is, of course, an important but essential investment if you want a smooth and efficient operation in your farm, industrial installation or construction site. You may have to spend around ten thousand dollars to buy a new compact tractor, and for purchasing the largest and most powerful tractor, you have to count several thousand hundred dollars. But, it doesn’t matter what size of tractor you’re going to need to serve your purpose, as it is not a frequent purchase, and so there is no need to buy a new one. A tractor that is well-maintained by its owner or a remanufactured antique tractor which is upgrade with new modules and latest farming equipments can works well for more than 20 to 30 years, and even much longer time period if not used randomly. The fact is the service life of any second-hand tractor, or any antique remanufactured tractor depends less on their age than on the quality of care they receive from its owner.


Importance of Regular Maintenance


Regular servicing, maintenance works and timely repairs of any agricultural machinery including the tractor increase its efficiency and also extend its life. Fixing any error at initial stage for any tractor is not that much expensive, but if you force it to operate without eliminating the trouble can cause severe damage and led to costly repairs. So, it means if you’re operating your tractor, then you’ve to understand how the basic parts of tractor functions normally, and be able to identify the early symptoms of trouble.


Here, let’s get a general idea about various troubles of tractors that an operator can easily identify and also fix them at initial stage;


Cooling system is one of the important part of any tractor that’s keeps the engine from overheating. If your tractor has the air cooling system, you should check the belt that is being used to turn the fan. Make sure if it is tight enough and does not slip. A loose belt usually results the failure of the fan blowing enough air to the engine to keep the motor cool. Timely replacement of belt can help to prevent the agricultural machinery breakdowns in the field.


On the other hand, if the tractor has the water cooling system, then you should have to check daily if the coolant level is normal and also there is no sign of rust in the coolant. One more important thing is the thermostat. You should have to keep an eye on it to make sure if the valve is opening when the engine waters hot. All these steps are very important to prevent overheating.


Another similar kind of belt you can find in the tractor which turns the generator or alternator, and the water pump and its fan. Check also this belt on a regular basis if it has sufficient tension to keep the battery charged. As the battery supplies the power to this agricultural machinery’s engine, it is important to check the water level of every cell before use.


Regularly servicing of air filter and oil filter and checking the level of engine oils another important part of this agricultural machinery’s regular maintenance. Air filter needs to clear on a regular basis to prevent dust and harmful contaminants from entering and damaging the engine.  And for the oil filter and engine oil, you must have to regularly check the engine oil level and change both oil and oil filter at the recommended intervals. Important note should be taken here in this case that, if the oil light get on during operation, you should find out the cause immediately to prevent damage to the motor, and if the alternator light turn on during operation, check the problem on an emergency basis before the tractor losing its power.


Now let’s put some light on the expensive items of this agricultural machinery which may prove costly to repair. Brake fluid and oil in steering mechanism is one of the sensitive areas where you should have to give some extra concern to prevent damage to the machine. Frequent top ups indicate a leak that need to e fixed on an urgent basis before it turns to be an expensive repair. Maintaining the recommended pressure in tire by the manufacturer and replacing the old worn tire with new one help you to prevent excessive fuel consumption and also provides a safe ride.


The basic maintenance of your useful and expensive agricultural machinery ensures that all parts are sufficiently lubricated, cleaned and cooled, and also rusting prevented. All this regular efforts pays off you when it the tractor runs smoothly and will not leave you in a troubled situation in the middle of the field.


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