Fill your Void Inside, Make a Quick CD Key Search for StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Cheap Game Keys

Starcraft II- legacy-of-the-void

The wait is over

The chance to finally do a quick CD key search for StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void cheap game keys has arrived. The StarCraft II trilogy — with Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm — is finally complete, bringing the experience to a full for fans of the science fiction real-time strategy series. After an initial beta test release earlier in 2015, the standalone expansion pack hit stores, both online and offline, in November 2015. Players can finally get to the end of the StarCraft II story and, hopefully, prime themselves up for a third game in the critically acclaimed series.

After Wings of Liberty focused on the Terrans and Heart of the Swarm on the Zergs Legacy of the Void places the focus on Artanis and the Protoss race, giving players who made a CD key search for Legacy of the Void cheap game keys another perspective in the breathtaking world created by Blizzard Entertainment.

starcraft 2 lotvgdc at Game Key Fox

Cheap game keys that bring new units

The Legacy of the Void expansion pack yields a new set of units for players to deploy during their skirmishes, two for each faction. For the Protoss, they have access to the Glaive Cannon-wielding Adepts, and the walking detonator Disruptors for a kamikaze style attack; for the Terrans, they can control the Twin Typhoon Missile Pod-armed Cyclones that can neutralize both ground and air threats, and the transforming gunship-to-artillery Liberators; and for the Zergs, they have in their command the anti-Force Field Ravagers to break Protoss defenses, and the underground specialist Lurkers.

New strategies will be developed, new attack patterns will be utilized, each of these units will make your CD key search for Legacy of the Void cheap game keys all worth it.

StarCraft_II_LotV_GDC_CB_Preview_All_New_CB_Units - Unlock from Game Key FoxNew multiplayer features: the perfect reason for a CD key search

Real-time strategy games wouldn’t be complete without the multiplayer mode, and Legacy of the Void makes sure that players will be hooked, and stay hooked, in its multiplayer by bringing in new features. First up are automated daily tournaments which are completely open to all players to make sure that your skills are always sharp and never lagging against the best players in the world. Second is the Archon Mode, which is essentially a cooperative multiplayer mode that allow two players to team up to battle enemies. The catch is that the two players will share a single base instead of playing separately. It can be both very productive if both players are familiar with the game and equally destructive if both players, or at least one, does not know how to work with a partner. And the icing on the cake, a cooperative gameplay mode where players are placed in an objective-based setup, with a lot more action.


Overall, these new additions to the StarCraft II experience will never make players cheated when they decide to do a CD key search for all the cheap game keys waiting to be uncovered around the web.


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