Review for Popular Camping Equipment – Hot Core Merlin 2 Person 3 Season Backpacking Tent

In this article, I will introduce my readers with one of the most popular camping equipment known as ‘Hot Core Merlin 2 Person 3 Season Backpacking Tent’. But before that, I would like to tell you something that is not inside the reviews. I will mainly show you the ways of preparing a review quite perfectly. Usually, the reviews are written by us, not by any other creatures. So as a human, you should know how to present the review of a product to others. Keep in mind that everything depends on your presentation. If you have the ability to convince your readers through your reviews, then you will be an asset of your company.

Hotcore Merlin 2 person, 3 season Backpacking tent - Camping Equipment

In order to write a product review, the thing you have to do at first is to research. Just do an excellent research as much as you can. For researching purpose, you can make use of several sources like blogs, websites and even you can take information from those who already used that particular product on which you’re going to write a review. At first, take a look at the product description; what the product is all about. After that, read all the features of the product. Don’t rely on a single site. You have to collect different information from different sites. So keep a notebook with you and write down the information you get / obtain from various sites. It will help you at the time of preparing the review.

In order to show the readers that your review is quite reliable, ensure to perform much more research before going to start writing. Truly speaking, if you have knowledge about the evolution and the competition of the product, then it will help you to create an awesome review. Don’t forget to follow the manufacturer’s website and the manufacturer’s information that are linked with the product you’re reviewing. You also have to be careful of publicity materials that are provided by the manufacturers as well as retailers. One thing you have to bear in mind that the readers will not be going to read your review if they assume that publicity materials were being used then observations drawn from the real – life experience.

Anyway, let me back to the reviews of ‘Hot Core Merlin 2 Person 3 Season Backpacking Tent’.

Product Features:

  1. Packed Size: 47 X 16 X 16 cm (19” X 6” X 6”) or less in compression bag.
  2. Pegs and Guylines: All included, aluminum pegs.
  3. Poles: 8.5 mm aluminum (x2), 7000 series, gold anodized, locking tips.
  4. Tent Floor Fabric consists of 70D polyester, 2000mm coating, taped seams
  5. The inner Tent Fabric is made by Breathable polyester, and mesh
  6. Rainfly Fabric includes 70D polyester, 2000mm coating, taped seams
  7. Freestanding Weight: 4.7 lbs (2.13 kg)
  8. Total Weight: 5.3 lbs (2.4 kg)
  9. 1 vestibule; 9.47 sq. ft. (0.88 sq. m.)
  10. Consists of a single door only.
  11. Floor Length: 82.5″ (210 cm)
  12. Floor Width: 55″ (140 cm)
  13. Interior Tent Height 43″ (110 cm)
  14. Total Floor Area 31.2 sq. ft. (2.8 sq. m.)
  15. Perfect for a couple of persons.
  16. The floor is highly durable with waterproof coating.
  17. Mainly popular because of its freestanding design.

The price of this tent is US $99.99 which is affordable. Hotcore is considered as the brand of this tent where Merlin is known as the model. It can also be used by both male and female campers. However, if you are interested in wide range of hiking and camping equipment or more specifically interested in different size and types of tents at reasonable and cheaper rate, then Gear Trade could be one of the best option to surf.


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