The Importance of Learning POE and POU Systems for Choosing the Drinking Water Filters

Clean Water by Water Filtration System

A drinking water filter is really very important in our daily life. It actually helps us to ensure that we are drinking pure water. Most importantly, it also helps us to prevent different critical diseases that can be occurred from drinking soiled water. Well it’s really very tough nowadays to find the perfect drinking water filter. If you are badly in search of drinking water filters, then the thing you need to do at first is to gather clear knowledge about POE and POU systems. Both POE and POU is a short form. The full meaning of POE is Point – Of – Entry and the full meaning of POU is Point – Of – Use. Manufacturers nowadays have introduced a number of water filtration products to the marketplace. Well, in this article, I will mainly teach you about POE (Point – Of – Entry) and POU (Point – of – Use) system. At the same time, I will also mention the importance of learning these two systems for choosing the drinking water filters.

POE & POU Systems in Water Filtration Systems:

For your kind information, you will generally find two kinds of water filters available for home use. The first one is POE system and the second one is POU system. The function of POE system is to treat all of the water that enters your house as well as connects to the pressurized storage tank or water meter. This is the basic thing that every person should know about POE system. On the other side, the function of POU system is to treat water at the point where it is being taken, for example, a sink or shower head. For your kind information, POU or point – of – use filters can be installed inline or it can also be attached externally. Keep in mind that if POU filters is installed inline filter, then all the water will pass through a pipe.

POU & POE Water Filter System Diagram

It’s also quite important for you to gather knowledge about different kinds of POU systems available. These kinds of filters are extremely common and come in a number of different formats. POU filers mainly include three things. The first one is pitcher filters, the second one is personal water bottles with built – in filters and the third one is refrigerator filters. In general, the POU filters can be ascended to a faucet, under the sink or the countertop.

Compact – Carafe Style Pitcher Filters:

Usually, this type of filter is too good single people. Moreover, this kind of filter can also be used by the couples as because they filter only a little volume of drinking water at once.

It is true that a number of people usually do not prefer filters that are placed on their faucet or countertop. See what kind of style of POU filter suits you perfectly.

Finally, these are some basic things that you have to know about POU system and POE system. Having basic ideas about both of them is really very important especially when you are going to choose your drinking water filters. For more information about these two systems, kindly pay a visit to different sites or you can also discuss with your friends or those who have knowledge about it


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