Review of the April Brand Handheld Shower Filter System


In this article, I will mainly introduce you with the top most popular water filter shower or shower filter system known as “The April Shower Original Hand – Held Shower Adjustable 3 – Spray Shower Filter”. The most important thing about this water filter shower is it delivers three therapeutic sprays as well as features a generous five ft. hose. Let’s take a look at its features to know more in details. I am also quite sure that the features will also help you to understand the reasons behind the popularity of this shower filter system.

Features of this Handheld  Water Filter Shower

Removes Chlorine

People nowadays are badly in search of such type of water filter shower or shower filter system which has the ability to remove chlorine instantly from the water. You know, chlorine is quite harmful to our health and sometimes water can fully be loaded with this component. So the only way of eradicating chlorine from the water is to purchase a shower filter which has the chlorine removing skill. The most important thing is, besides removing chlorine, this shower filter system also reduces several harmful things like sulfur smell, odors as well as rust water. These three things are also not good for our health. If your shower water consists of some odors, then you will definitely not be able to make your shower comfortable and enjoyable. At the same time, sometimes you may find a bad smell comes from the water which is commonly known as “sulfur smell”. Besides removing chlorine from the water, this shower filter system also reduces this type of smell and let you enjoy the shower. It also reduces scale build – up on tiles and glass.

Patented High – Performance Cooper Zinc and Chlorogenic

Whenever it’s time to buy a water filter shower or shower filter system, you need to choose such a filter which features patented high performance copper zinc as well as chlorogenic. This is really very important for you to choose this type of shower filter. Keep one thing in your mind that if you fail to choose the right shower filter, then it will be absolutely nothing but the wastage of your money and time for sure. If you really don’t have any idea or knowledge about top quality shower filters, ten try to find someone who has lots of knowledge about this type of product or you can even take that person while going to purchase a new shower filter system. Hopefully, you will get lot of help from him / her.


Additional Features:

1. This shower filter system is completely ideal for seated showers.
2. The water filter shower is also ideal for bathing children.
3. Most importantly, this shower filter system adjusts to different heights and angles.
4. Increases the height of shower by ten inches.
5. The water is balanced by the pH.
6. Versatile with handheld positions or stationary.
7. This water filter shower also features chromed holding bracket which connects to shower arm without any equipment / tool.

• Pros:

1. Removes chlorine completely from the water.
2. Reduces rust water.
3. Besides, this shower filter system also reduces sulfur smell and odors.
4. Completely ideal for seated showers.
5. Fully ideal for bathing babies.
6. The cartridge of this shower filter system is replaceable.
7. The cartridge of this shower filter system is also reversible.
8. The cartridge lasts for three months.

• Cons:

1. A bit pricey for the quality you are getting.
2. Some people claimed that the cartridge didn’t last for three months.

Finally, from the features and benefits of this shower filter system that I mentioned in the above, one thing is clear that this shower is high in quality. Some people claimed that it’s a bit pricey for the quality you are getting and I am really not going to agree with them. However, if you are badly in search of the top quality shower filter system, then I will never force you to purchase but I will request you to think about this item. Anyway, that’s all for today and thanks for reading this review.


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