Review for The Chesterfield Brand’s City Leather Backpack Handbag for Women

Womens City Leather Backpack Handbag Brown ‘Ivy’ - Front & Back

The classic ‘Ivy’ leather backpack handbag for women is the appropriate size for a day trip to the city since the bag includes 2 inner compartments which will without any doubt assist you to keep your belongings and a simple access zip pocket on the front. The sleek design features a long shoulder strap which is often split by a nylon zip simplifying that it is actually possible to wear it as you wish! Most importantly, this backpack purse for women is made up of elegant and fashionable waxed pull-up leather. Let’s take a look at its features to know more in details.

Features of this Backpack Purse for Women


Well, the actual price of this women’s backpack purse is US $99.51 which is a bit expensive but if you think about other features of this purse, then it will help you to realize that somehow the price is quite okay. Overall, I am quite happy with the price of this purse. However, I am really not sure about the price of this backpack purse in other online stores but if you are planning to purchase it from Chesterfield Bags, then there you will find this purse at US $99.51.

Before going to checkout please make sure that you have the right payment method at your hand for making payment. Chesterfield Bags allows a number of payment methods for their customers to make payment through online. In order to make payment you need to have a visa or master card or American express. If you don’t have any one of them, then you can also use PayPal for making payment. However, don’t get worried if you really don’t have any of their given methods. You can still make payment by using someone’s visa or master card or if you want you can also take help from someone’s PayPal account. Hope you understand what I want to mean actually. But don’t depend on others all the time for payment. Today or tomorrow you have to create your new account for online payment.

Premium Quality Leather:

Whenever you are going to purchase a handbag or backpack or purse, try to find such an item that comes with premium quality leather. I know it’s really very difficult to find that type of product nowadays but you will surely get if you try your level best. It is true that you will get plenty of advantages if you are really able to buy a backpack purse having premium quality leather. First of all, you will be able to use that purse for quite a long time. It also indicates one thing that you need not to change your purse again and again. So naturally, it will save both of your time and money for sure. However, almost all the products of Chesterfield Bags come with premium quality leather. If you don’t believe about the quality of their item, then you can take a look at the reviews as well as feedbacks of their customer and soon you will realize the truth. For more information in details, please pay a visit to their site. If you even want to view their items, you also need do the same thing. If you have any question about anything related to their items or business or discounts or others, please contact them immediately through email and you can also make a call to them.


For your kind information, this women’s backpack purse can be found in three colors. The first one is cognac, the second one is brown and the third one is black. These are the three colors that are available for this backpack purse. No doubt, these three colors make this purse more attractive than other different backpack purses.

  • Pros:

  1. This backpack purse for women is quite easy to carry first of all.
  2. Since it is quite easy to carry, it will for sure help you to feel comfortable. No doubt about that.
  3. Most importantly, it is durable just because of using premium quality leather. So without a doubt it can be said that you will be able to use this product for a very long time.
  4. By purchasing this backpack purse, you will get a warranty certificate through which you will be able to claim your warranty.
  5. This backpack purse for women is made up of stylish waxed pull up leather. Waxed pull up leather is characterized by its soft feeling as well as two tone color effect.
  6. Three colors are available for this backpack purse where the first one is cognac, the second one is brown and the third one or the last one is black.
  • Cons:

  1. Some people claimed that this purse is a bit expensive for the quality you are getting. However, I don’t think like that. I have already mentioned all the features and benefits of this backpack purse for women and hopefully now you understand why it’s a bit pricey. Of course, there are several reasons behind that especially if you again take a look at the features and pros. Hope you got my point.

It’s really not that difficult to find a backpack purse for women because at present there are so many online stores are available for selling women’s leather backpack with laptop compartment but to be honest, it’s hard to get a backpack purse comes with premium quality leather. I am not sure about other stores but one thing I can assure that you will never get cheated by the products of Chesterfield Bags.


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